Why should you place importance on paintings by Indian artists like Amit Ambalal?

As a viewer of the artistic community, it is your duty to place equal importance to the masters of all regions when it comes to art. It is only then will you be able to appreciate art as a form of culture, and not simply as a form of making money. In other words, you have got to understand that painters from all across the world have their own artistic capabilities and tastes, and it need not cater to your needs, but it needs to be true to its origin. Indian artists like Amit Ambalal have been able to showcase their works of art for quite a while without getting due recognition. However, those things are now changing.

Amit Ambalal has had a steady following of people for his body of work, and it continues to grow in leaps and bounds. More and more people have now found themselves enamored with the quality of work that he has been churning out on a regular basis. So, when you think about Indian paintings, do not laugh in derision, but understand that it is a growing phenomenon, and it will soon come to the shores of your own country in order to help you understand it much better.


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