Understand Engine Maintenance and You’ll Do It Well

No vehicle can last forever. Even if comes with a bulletproof reputation for quality and if it’s built like a tank. At one point or another, something’s going to give. Depending on how well it is built though, that point can come sooner rather than later with some models. Whatever kind of service your vehicle is built for though, the kind of engine maintenance you put in could make a great deal of difference to how trouble-free your ownership experience is.

If manufacturers could design those engines to be transparent, people would never neglect their engine maintenance responsibilities. Just visually speaking, a neglected engine can be a terribly sad sight instead of a bright and glossy array of precision parts, you get to see a clogged and dark-looking machine that’s gummed up, slow, worn-out.

The funny thing is, once you let the maintenance get out from under you, even a car that’s a couple of years old can begin to look worse than a well-maintained 10-year-old veteran of the roads.

Okay, so if you’re going to commit yourself to a responsible engine maintenance habit, what parts should you check out, and what should you expect?

They keep exhorting you to change that engine oil like its really important. Is it really important? What’s the worst that can happen if you miss your oil change?

Now it might seem scandalous to you they should change your engine oil even when it seems fine. Why can’t you just top it up a little bit, you might wonder.

The thing is, your engine oil has limited life. After a certain amount of time heating up in the engine, it begins to lose its lubricating abilities. And then, it burns up it turns into carbon. Where you think that carbon goes?

That’s what you see on a poorly maintained engine dark, gummed-up works. Well you don’t have to use an overzealous oil-change regimen the way the manufacturer recommends; but you should never keep your oil for more than a year.

Okay, when it comes to good engine maintenance practices, which should you go with synthetic engine oil or regular mineral engine oil?

Synthetic oil certainly has qualities to recommend it. It has longer life. It works hotter without losing its lubricating abilities. If you live in cold climate, synthetic oil can be great for cold engine starts. Synthetic oil though isn’t a great idea for an old car. It’s likely to leak out from somewhere. Road haulage companies such as Dyce Carriershave a fleet of vehicles in which they need to ensure are maintained properly, these are the types companies that need to ensure they have a reputable mechanic on hand to ensure every vehicle is running smoothly.

If you’re using synthetic oil, it will certainly last longer. But you see, as you drive a car for longer between oil changes, all the metal powder that all the action makes those engine parts shed, end up mixed in the oil. It makes for a very abrasive lubricant. No one really agrees on whether you should go a long time between oil changes if you use synthetic oil. But erring on the side of caution wouldn’t be a bad thing.

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