Tips For Buying Antique Furniture

When you purchase antique furniture, you will realize that a number of the most popular pieces are formal antique dining tables. Most of us need one of these… .that’s what makes dining tables among the most desirable pieces of antique furniture.

Antique Dining Table

Purchasing an antique dining table can be somewhat complex, as quality and prices vary greatly. The most significant elements in pricing include creativity, length, width, period, quality of wood used and color.

As a rule of thumb the sooner the dining table was assembled, the greater the grade of the wood used. Tables that still have their original leaves are infrequent and are a lot more precious than those with replacement leaves. See a different kind of antique collectible for sale (which is also known as “ของสะสมโบราณสำหรับขาย” in the Thailanguage) via visting online websites.




Width is important, when people are sitting opposite each other there should be sufficient room in the middle of the table. Start looking for tables 48 inches or more in width. One which is only 42 inches deep is worth less than half that of precisely the same table which was 48 inches deep. The length is also significant, with tables that sit 10 or more individuals very desired.

The first type of dining table that’s still in existence today is the trestle table, that was used in the Middle Ages. The top was made from long wooden boards resting on trestles so the tables could be dismantled and moved to the side of the hallway whenever space was required for actions apart from dining.

Throughout the medieval period, guests dined together in the large hall, together with the host and hostess of the house who were commonly seated at a smaller table raised on a dais.

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