Things to know about Atherosclerosis – The Silent Killer

Atherosclerosis starts due to high blood pressures, smoking and higher cholesterol levels which further damages the endothelial layer of blood vessels.  It happens insidiously, without you knowing it.  The cholesterol trauma gets bigger over time, finally reducing blood circulation in the blood vessels. 
This is exactly what causes the pain of angina (chest pain due to inferior coronary artery blood circulation) and vascular claudication (pain in the legs following a period of walking as a result of the decreased blood flow to the thoracic muscles).
What are the Hazards & Prevention of Atherosclerosis?
• Diabetes mellitus
• Hypercholesterolemia
• Obesity
• Increasing age
• Smoking
1. Balloon Angioplasty: In angiography, a thin catheter is inserted into a large blood vessel in the groin area and handed up into the obstructed artery.  A radio-opaque comparison is injected, and X-ray based methods are utilized to see whether there is a blockage from the lumen of the boat.
2. Stenting: Balloon angioplasty causes some harm to the walls of the artery.  This harm stimulates regeneration of the vascular endothelium and also re-stenosis of the artery together with fibrous tissue
But if somehow if any of the above surgery methods failed by the doctor then the patient can file a case against the firm or doctor with the help of professionals at
How to control Atherosclerosis
• Quit smoking
• Restrict salt intake for those who have hypertension
• Reduce weight
• Taking regular medicine to control blood pressure if needed.
• Taking medicine to stabilize sugar levels in those people who are diabetic.


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