Things To Consider Before Buying Electric Paper Cutter

Electric paper cutters are designed to cut large amounts of paper efficiently and precisely. Many models are equipped with additional safety features to avoid accidental damages. Electric paper slitters use unique laser technology to make sure that pieces are more accurate than other models.

Like many other office equipment, cutters comes in various models for different prices. From semi-automatic and automatic models to standing floors and desktops, there are many types and styles. You can also buy high quality electric paper cutting machines via Sunfung Technology.

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Following things should be considered before buying any electric paper cutter:

Quantity of Cutting Paper 

Most of the models are perfect for the needs of cutting paper in large quantities. Some electric slitters can exactly cut a stack of paper that is up to three inches. In fact, many types of cutters have the ability to cut the entire rim at once.

Capacity Limit         

Each electric paper cutter has a capacity limit, so potential buyers must check this first. In addition, the depth and width of any particular cutter can affect its cutting ability and must be tested before buying.


This cutter must be equipped with various facilities and safety functions. Usually, this type of equipment must be equipped with a safety guard or barrier so that fingers do not enter the cutting vessel.

If the cutter is not equipped with a safety guard, then the cutter must be accompanied by a laser trigger that automatically turns off the engine when a finger crosses.


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