Suggestions For Managing Building Inspectors

There's just one way to take care of the building inspector and that is to put a smile on your face and try to get along with this person. You should care for the building inspector as though they're your very best friend, as they can cost you plenty of effort and money if you were to make an enemy rather than a friend. For you, building inspections in Adelaide the building & pest inspectors are always ready for providing you best services. 

Suggestions For Managing Building Inspectors

It's always advisable to be friendly with everyone in the building business, but your regional inspectors can make or break a building project.

I know contractors and superintendents which frequently take the construction inspectors out to breakfast, merely to get to know them a little bit better. This often is not a bad idea, if you are working on a huge project.

Whatever you do, don't purchase any construction inspectors, anything. If you take out an inspector to lunch, ensure he understands that you're only buying him lunch for a friend. If the inspector fails, you can always suggest going out to lunch and splitting the bill.

Be sure the inspectors understand that you are not wanting to put anything past them buy their friendships. I've seen contractors make friendly gestures to construction inspectors, just to learn later this annoyed the building inspector and generated frustration throughout the remainder of the job.

Some inspectors like to joke about so that I joke around with them. Some building inspectors are severe and I joke about with them.

I appear to get along better with building inspectors that take their job seriously, but realize that it is people like us who keep them in business. 


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