Side Effects From Chemotherapy

Side effects from chemotherapy are a fact for the majority of patients experiencing cancer. Even though they’re not harmful, controlling the unwanted side effects from chemotherapy helps alleviate the symptoms that may be exceedingly inconvenient and bothersome.

Here are some ways to control the negative effects:

Constipation: Many patients suffer from constipation as a result of chemotherapy. But, you can get regular bowel motions if you raise the usage of nuts, vegetables, and bran cereals.  Taxotere hair loss lawsuits provide free no obligation case review for cancer patients.

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Nausea and vomiting: This is due to many chemotherapy drugs also you’re able to get relief from it by taking certain medications. But, there are no pills existing that can avoid nausea and vomiting.

Heartburn or acid reflux: You can prevent it by giving 1/2 milk or glass or carrying a spoonful or two of antacid. But, let your physician urge the antacid for you.

Mouth soreness: Through chemotherapy oral hygiene is of extreme importance. You are able to use a distinctive mouthwash to facilitate the discomfort but you can’t prevent it.

Baldness: The side effect changes from 1 individual to another depending on the kind of medication used and the dosages utilized. It is possible to either have baldness or merely thinning of their hair. There’s absolutely no method of preventing this symptom aside from quitting your treatment.

The hair dropped through chemotherapy will begin re-growing when your treatment is finished. But you have to be ready for this to just take a few months. Until then, you may use scarves, wigs, turbans or caps.


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