Omron BP785: Features and Benefits

Usually, in blood pressure monitors, the cuffs fixed to the arms of the patients tend to slip out of position during the monitoring process. To prevent this, Omron BP785 introduces the patented Comfit cuff, which not only maintains position but also does not provide any discomfort to the users. Apart from this, the features also include Intellisense Monitor technology, which is able to automatically determine the optimal inflation settings for the process of pressure monitoring.

Patented Technology:

The inflation level is very important for detection of blood pressure. Since this level is invariably set manually by the users themselves, the accuracy of the blood pressure monitoring results is dependent on the expertise of the users themselves, in handling the equipment. With Intellisense technology, the users need not be worried about the optimal inflation levels at all. This monitor automatically detects the condition of the people and determines the level on its own. Also, it is versatile enough to adapt to individual requirements, every time it is put to use. In terms of innovation, this technology is as good as it gets in medical equipments.


Easy to use: Blood pressure monitors always pose a big problem to home users. They do not have the technical expertise nor do they have the medical knowledge to determine the optimal levels of the device for accurate results. The Omron BP785 is truly one of its kind in the sense that it is extremely easy to operate for all types of users. Not only are the features designed to self adjust and optimize themselves automatically, they are also not too technical or cumbersome to use.

Accurate: Accuracy of the blood pressure reading is something which is not reliable when it comes to most of the pressure monitors in the market. The home based units are even more flaky because of the inferior technology used by the manufacturers to maintain costs. However, Omron BP785 is able to manage high levels of accuracy without compromising on the utility or the cost factors and this is of great benefit to the users. Not only are the results very accurate, they are also reliable and can be accurately used for medical diagnosis and medication.

FDA approved: The Omron BP785 is one of the first home based blood pressure monitoring equipments to be approved and endorsed by the FDA. This endorsement is not only based on the quality of the features that the equipment boasts of, it is also because of the robust pressure reading mechanism that the device employs. Reliability of results, coupled with multiple pressure reading ability of the device has made Omron, a must have medical equipment in all households.

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