Important Facts About Digital Revolution

There were instances when cameras were thought of as a rich man’s luxury but today, clicking images with the camera is now a significant part of our everyday events. With the continuous improvement of technologies, cameras have experienced a sea change and it was in the late 1970’s when digital cameras watched the light of the afternoon.

The first digital camera was Sony Mavica, an analog camera which used video floppy. But since then, various brands started digital cameras like Nikon, Kodak Casio, JVC, Sony and Olympus to name a few. But, Canon Inc. Japanese MNC specialized in the production of computer printers, photocopiers, and cameras. Canon began its operation in the year 1934 with Kwanon camera. By exploring you can get more info about Digital Revolution.





Ever since Canon started manufacturing its camera operation, it turned into a hugely successful company and a cynosure of camera fan across the world. Presently, Canon digital camera is famous for its state of the art technology and innovative features which make it a famous brand name.

Aside from Canon digital camera, Canon is known for its Canon EOS camera system which accompanies Single Lens Reflex (SLR) technology. But for amateurs that love to take and capture moments of love and pleasure, the Canon digital camera Powershot series is the best digital camera which comes with DIGIC processor and state of the art design.

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