How to Use WhatsApp Effectively ?

We all are familiar with the popular features of WhatsApp that we use several times a day. But there are a lot of other features and options that we are not using properly. It is the effective use of them that can help you make better use of this amazing application. Even if we are using WhatsApp for a lot of our personal uses, we rarely use it for official purposes. It is a misunderstanding that keeps us away from this. But people who know the efficiency of WhatsApp try it for everything irrespective of thinking about the purpose. For example, I have seen technical support people making use of the WhatsApp video call to know the exact situation of the device on which they are doing the troubleshooting. This is a very effective use of the WhatsApp video calling feature.

Similarly, WhatsApp can be used as an easy media sharing app rather than transferring images and videos from your smartphones to computers and then sending them through emails. You can at least follow this method in emergency situations when you don't have access to your emails. There are situations when we don't want the senders to know that we have read their messages in WhatsApp. This option is available in the latest version of WhatsApp. To make use of this, go to Settings>Account>Privacy>Read Receipts and uncheck this option. Now the sender won't be able to identify the status as read or unread.Whatsapp video status feature is also an innovative idea from the developers of this app. It helps you to efficiently share your feelings with others without directly talking to them. Now it's your turn to have a try on all the above-said features and benefits and enjoy WhatsApp more effectively.

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