How to take care of Marine Rope for your Aluminium Boat?


Aluminium or any kind of boats require the use of rope. Marine rope is known to be a better choice amongst many sailors. If you have purchased a brand new marine ropethen congratulations are in order. However, as good as it may be, marine ropes require care allowing it to last for a longer period of time. These are a few tips, helping you to make sure your marine rope remains in good condition.

  • Chafing – The term Chafing is related to the marine rope used for boating purposes. For example – tying on the dock, hosting sailing lines and many more. All these factors damage the rope with holes making itlesser efficient. To avoid this, applying a piece of PVC pipe or stitching the exposed area with a canvas material will help.
  • Fraying – The edges of the marine rope gets damaged or stranded when over-used that causes fraying. To avoid fraying, the first thing to do is Sail maker’s whipping. It helps you to secure the edges of the rope with the help of a needle and thread. Another method is taping that requires heating the edges to melt them forming a protective end.
  • Coiling – This method is one of the best ways to avoid chafing and fraying. What you must do is coil the rope in the figure of 8 to avoid any form of dangling.
  • Cleaning – The process of cleaning helps to prevent damage to your marine rope. That’s because, the rope tends to get dirtier due to dirt, saltwater along with many more debris from the waters. However, when cleaning use freshwater instead of adding any kind of detergents. Detergents can easily cause wear and tear to the rope.

For more information on taking care of your rope, take some advice from one of the aluminium boat manufacturers in Australia.

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