How to Clean Clogged Catalytic Converters


Since the invention of vehicles, our lives have improved drastically. Going from one place to another became less-time consuming and less-tiring. Unfortunately, vehicles contribute to air pollution from the smoke it emits. Now, vehicles have catalytic converters installed to filter the toxic pollutants and gases. The cost of catalytic converters can be quite high, so keeping them clean is a way to properly take care of them. Therefore, you can check here to understand the steps to effectively clean your catalytic converters.

Materials needed:

-Power Washer

-Cloth for cleaning

-Protective eyewear


1.       Before starting, you should take safety precautions. Make sure that you are wearing your protective eyewear before proceeding. Also, park your car on a flat surface.

2.       Locate the catalytic converter. Remove it from its position by loosening the bolts and taking them out. Put the bots in a safe place first since you will be needing them again to put the converter back into place once finished cleaning.

3.       Before you proceed with cleaning it, you can also inspect it to check if it is still safe to use and re-install. Otherwise, you would need to buy a new one. To check, shake the cover and listen if you hear noises. If you do, it is a sign that it needs replacement.

4.       Clean the catalytic converter. Using your cloth, wipe away any residue on the exterior of the catalytic converter. Next, use the washer to forcefully push the dirt and build-ups from the inside. Make sure to reach the inlet and outlet pipes.

5.       Let the converter dry and then re-install it in the exhaust system. Don’t forget to re-insert the bolts into place.

There you have it! You now have a clean and unclogged catalytic converter. Alternately, you can also clean the catalytic converter with a catalytic converter cleaner.



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