How To Choose A Mattress For Your Guest Bedroom

If you are looking for an mattress for your guest bedroom, you should consider either an air mattress or memory foam mattress.  Memory foam mattresses are great, because they are super soft and very luxurious and come in a variety of price points.  The benefits of a memory foam mattress, are that you can get them in all major sizes and even different thicknesses.  The downside of memory foam mattresses are the fact that you may have to purchase a mattress frame for your bedroom set.  Whereas with an air mattress in most cases you do not need a mattress frame or even a bedroom set.  

The other great thing about most air mattresses or instant air beds, is the fact that you can inflate them when you are using them and deflate them and store them away when you are done. Of course there are some air mattresses that are more like traditional mattresses that you would install in your bed frame, however they are much more rare.  The other great thing about air mattresses, is the fact that you can adjust the firmness of the mattress on the fly.  So if your guests prefer a slightly more firm mattress, you can adjust it to their needs or if your guests prefer a slightly softer mattress, you can adjust the mattress to be less firm as well.  Which simply is not possible with a memory foam mattress or even most costly latex mattresses.  The other great thing about air mattresses is the fact that they are mold resistant, and hypoallergenic and even to a large part bed bug resistant.  The other fantastic thing about air mattresses, is the fact that you can easily wipe them down and disinfect the entire mattress after your guests leave.  To do the same thing to a traditional innerspring mattress or memory foam mattress, you have to hire a professional with specialized equipment to come to your home to professionally clean your mattress.

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