How Does a UV Air Purifier Kill Mold?

Mold prevention is a great way to keep your home in its best shape. Mold can cause a lot of problems for you. Not only can it make you sick, but it can also cause your house’s infrastructure to weaken. Since mold usually grows where there is water damage, it can soften the wood holding your home up.

This can cause a lot of unbalances, which eventually causes cracks and other surface problems. Mold will leave you with allergy problems and possible sickness if it’s a mold that produces mycotoxins. DC 911 of Orlando tells us what sorts of molds are toxic to humans.

If any of these molds happen to crop up inside your home, there are measures you can take. Aside from getting a mold remediation service to assist you, you can get an air purifier. With an air purifier, you can get rid of the mold spores that are undoubtedly floating around in your home. A UV air purifier is one of the best, giving you the option to destroy the mold spores on contact.

Rather than replacing an air filter every couple of months, you can go a whole year or two without replacing the UV bulb. They are sometimes combined with other air filters, though. For example, many HEPA and carbon filters are combined with a UV bulb to assist in destroying particles.

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