How Do You Remove Mold

There are many areas in the home that can have mold in it. It can get in the attic, on the walls, on the floors, and even in the basement. There are specific signs that come with looking for mold, including visual and smell-based signs. Mold can be removed by antimicrobial liquids, though. This includes bleach, borax, and more.

Even vinegar and baking soda can work on killing it, but it depends on the surface that it is being used on. For example, drywall is very porous so you can’t use bleach on these sorts of things. When it comes to that surface, you may have to replace that specific piece of drywall.

There are ways to get it off these surfaces and they can be found at

 Aside from drywall, it can also get into wood and along tiles. Mold can grow on bricks, plaster, or anything else that can hold moisture. It only needs moisture and warmth to grow along a wall or floor, so any sort of water damage or leak can cause it to grow.

You have to make sure that you fix the water leak first, but even then, you might get mold growth from humidity or moisture in the air around you. Make sure to get all the mold spores afterward, too. You’ll need a strong air purifier for this.

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