How Can Atherosclerosis Cause Heart Disease? What You Can Do

There are several distinct types of heart disease; however, the most common form by far is atherosclerosis, usually accompanied by elevated blood pressure, which frequently contributes to the heart attack. Approximately 50 million Americans have high blood pressure. There are more than a thousand heart attacks in the US each year. Here you may discover why atherosclerosis occurs and how it can be assisted. You may get detailed info about Atherosclerosis via

How Can Atherosclerosis Cause Heart Disease? What You Can Do

Why Atherosclerosis Occurs

Atherosclerosis occurs as soon as the walls of these arteries become thicker and thicker than usual. The problem is sometimes known as "hardening" of the arteries as they're less elastic than they had been at any time.

The origin of the thickening and hardening is an accumulation of deposits known as plaques that are composed of calcium, fats and other substances. The procedure resulting in plaque accumulation goes like this.

How Atherosclerosis Could Be Helped

Many drugs and several different clinical procedures are utilized to fight atherosclerosis. However, there are natural methods to better your cardiovascular wellness… to assist and reverse osmosis.

· Resveratrol – favorable to reducing cholesterol levels, reducing inflammation, preventing damage to blood vessel walls and protecting against heart disease – powerful antioxidant action which may help to break apart plaques

· Butcher's blossom – boosts flow – natural diuretic which helps reduce fluid from the blood to Reduce blood pressure

· Hawthorn – enhances cardiovascular health, reduces blood pressure, increases exercise tolerance and reduce palpitations

· Coenzyme Q10 – required for the heart muscle to operate optimally – COQ10 Amounts in the heart drop appreciably once we pass Age 30 – especially important for Anybody who chooses statin medication as the medication interfere with COQ10 generation

· Policosanol – helps to reduce blood cholesterol levels

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