Harming Through Genetically Modified Food

The US government says there are no documented harmful effects of GMO food. Unfortunately, government officials told us this proved to be a lie.

A lawsuit forced the release of documents that proved there were scientists working for the US government who warned of negative side effects of GMO food.

These side effects range from allergies, skin lesions, to respiratory problems. The concern of scientists is that there need to be intensive studies about what unintended consequences can occur from genetic manipulation. There are some lawyers who work to help people who are suffering from health disease due to GMO food.

If you or someone you love is suffering from cancer that may have been caused by exposure to Roundup, you may find that you might benefit from the assistance of an experienced attorney, such as Monsanto roundup attorney.


Because the US government will not attend, we must rely on reports from other countries. Damage that can occur with transgenic plants is seen in India where the following have been noted:

Genetically Modified Monsanto Cotton has been proven by scientific studies to reduce healthy microbes in the soil. These are microbes that break down plant material and turn it into rich topsoil needed for fertile soil. Damaged soil only occurs in the fields where Monsanto seeds are used.

More than 1800 sheep died after grazing on Monsanto's cotton plants after the cotton was harvested. Tests on sheep showed they died because of the severe toxicity of this plant. This only happens in fields that use GMO plants.

One village uses Monsanto products which are very expensive because of the high promising cotton yield. On the contrary, there is a low yield with around 150 farmers committing suicide due to financial destruction.

People who handle transgenic plants have reported diseases ranging from itching, skin lesions to respiratory problems, as feared by US scientists above.

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