Guidelines For Cable Drum Handling During Transport And Storage

One of the essential machines that are used for storage and transportation purposes are cable reels, drums and stands. If you do not handle these drums, stands and reels properly, the cables can easily get damaged. Below are a few tips that you should keep in mind while transporting or storing cables using cable reels or drums:

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  1. There are different machines that you can use for loading and unloading cable reels and drums but the most commonly used is a forklift. When working with a forklift ensure that its arms do not touch the cables. If you are using a crane or an axle for loading a cable drum, use lateral pressure extension of the reel.
  2. Ensure that you utilize the right machines and equipment for loading and unloading cable reels and drums especially if they are on a higher surface. Also make sure that drums do not fall from the truck, container or ramp.
  3. Inspect all nuts and screws thoroughly before loading and unloading cables on the drum. This way there is a lesser chance of cables unrolling or loosening. If the weather is dry and hot then tighten the nuts and screws so it compensates in case the wood is affected by weather.
  4. When transporting or transferring cable drums or reels ensure that these are in an upright position. This way this is less chance of cables or drums getting damaged even on the rough route.

Also, use a cable roller stand to ensure the cable is not loosely rolled over the drum.

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