Four Steps to Refurbish Systems Using Home Heating Oil

Through the northeastern United States, No. 2 fuel is a highly popular solution for warming houses. Many experts recommend changing your tanks every fifteen to thirty years. In actuality, some insurance companies mandate when the tanks have to be changed.

Be Cautious of Fire Hazards.

Four Steps to Refurbish Systems Using Home Heating Oil

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If you will need to dispose of an old tank or if you think yours is leaking, the first step is to contact the neighborhood fire department. Based on the positioning of the tank and the effort required to eliminate it, you might have to contact your provider or another professional.

Home Heating Oil Has to Be Recycled

Since it's deemed hazardous waste, No. 2 fuel has to be disposed of through the appropriate channels. You can't just pour it into a sewer or throw it off. You should contact your regional public works department and ask about the appropriate methods of disposal. Some counties or towns provide free disposal and pick-up.

Have More Delivered to Your Property

Now that you have replaced the tank or recycled the old oil, then you'll have to refill it. Many regional businesses have set delivery times for specific areas to ensure their entire service area can receive deliveries weekly.

Prime and Start Your System

New systems, or systems which have not been used in quite a long time, need some maintenance before they can be used again. Normally, the company that delivers your fuel will have the ability to prime and start your system for you.


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