Eco- friendly promotional products

Green promotional products are becoming a part of promotional merchandising in terms of market share. Businesses demand for green promotional materials of different types. Many of the businesses are strongly committed to these green product and insists only on eco-friendly promotional merchandise.

Some businesses and their clients only look for eco-friendly merchandise Australia that are certified. This market has expanded dramatically.


A custom green promotional product must be made well aware to the customers. They are very effective for corporate or personal values and best for those who are inclined towards them. This marketing approach delivers a strong message to its customers.

Corporate green promotional products are very sensitive in terms of primary consideration. Its initiative can be very effective for establishing a market profile as a corporate image. These green products are very famous in Australia. If these products are associated with the local green industry, they represent the cultural values. They also support the local manufacturers and imparts a good effect.

Solar promotional products are the essence of green promotional items. Some of the very popular solar products in market qualify as high impact promotional merchandise. They are also termed to be long term.

A huge range of low carbon footprints products are an important consideration while choosing a promotional package.

Following are the example of green promotional products:

  • Recycled products: a wide range of recycled products is available, particularly plastic and paper.
  • Sustainable goods: Jute bags, water powered clocks, magnetic energy torches
  • Gadgets: Shower timers, solar powered chargers
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