Different Types of Birds

Birds are sometimes classified by the sort of food they consume. By way of instance, birds that are carnivorous in nature are called birds of prey or raptors. Differences also exist among these kinds of birds in terms of the animals they feed upon, nevertheless, one commonality is, the larger the bird, is that the larger the prey it feeds upon.

The size of animals these birds feed upon is reflected from the bird’s physical appearance. Those that feed on larger animals generally get a larger and powerful beak and claws for tearing their prey.

Some birds feed on insects. These spend the majority of their time on the floor pecking around for larger insects like praying mantises and grasshoppers. American kestrels, merlins, owl and Mississippi kites are examples of these birds.

Additionally, there are some raptors that feed on aquatic animals like fish. These generally reside near the coastlines. Bald eagles are an example of such birds of prey. A number of these birds take the fish from other creatures that also eat fish. Thieves! By exploring http://www.techno-bird.com/ you can get more relevant info about different types of birds.




There are some varieties of birds that feed on small mammals. Such animals as mice, shrews, gophers, and voles constitute food to these birds of prey.

Hawks of different kinds, such as red-tailed hawks, Cooper’s hawks, and many others are among the kinds of birds of prey that feed on these mammals.

Other raptors that do feed these creatures include barn owls, merlins, and northern harriers to mention but a few. These birds catch their prey by hunting them from above. They perch and watch out for their prey to look or they put in their atmosphere looking for their prey.

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