Boosting the Immune System Is the Foundation of a Healthy Horse

Maintaining optimal health of your horse is very important for anyone, especially those with competing professions. Every time a horse is sick or not in prime condition can mean losing money. If you are looking for the best horse supplements, then you can click at this source: Best Horse Supplements in Australia – TB-1000 Equine Supplements.

Using horse supplements like Excel Digest, Zynolix, or Excel Boostassure to help your horse's immune system is very important for a healthy horse. Of course, you want to know why you should use anything other than natural food to maintain the health of your horse.

The main reason is that you want the best for your animal and because of its competitive nature, just average feeding is not enough to sustain it properly.

Vitamin A

The body of a horse does not always turn their food into the right amount of vitamin A. Using horse supplements helps reduce if the factors involved with "if" your horse's body do its job. Vitamin A is very important for:

  • Vision – This helps prevent injury too
  • Reproductive assistants in maintaining mares and foals stay healthy
  • Proper digestion increases the ability to process natural vitamins consumed through feed correctly and efficiently
  • The respiratory system – the right breathing ability is very important for optimal health
  • The sheen or quality of the mantle in reducing skin irritation and allergies

Vitamin D

Just like vitamin D in humans, it also supports strong bones and teeth. The overall condition of their teeth shows if the animal gets the right amount of vitamin D.

The use of horse supplements helps increase calcium intake and their body's ability to absorb calcium. This allows resistance to osteoporosis and arthritis, especially in horses that work closely every day.

Vitamin E

This essential vitamin is very important for the horse's immune system. Protecting blood from free radicals is very important to prevent a serious blood condition called a thrombi. This can weaken the horse. Vitamin E helps keep blood flowing well and the heart stays strong while keeping the muscles from losing strength.                          


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