Bolt Together Safe Room-More Flexible

Everyone enjoys flexibility in certain things, right? Well, realizing that fact, we discovered a way to generate tornado safe rooms more easily accessible and readily available to fit all of our clients’ requirements. Our bolt-together safe room comes in a number of sizes and is simple to set up for the DIY pros. They are available in two-foot panels and can easily be installed inside a cupboard, or under a sheltered area like a carport or garage. And we have mastered the art of bolt togethers storm shelters. So much in reality, our various sizes are available and purchased online in the site.

As soon as your shelter arrives, a two-person team can easily slice the shelter together after an easy set of instructions. And since the device comes in panels, they are easier to maneuver and place where you want them. When it’s a challenging area to get to or a closet with just the ideal measurements, installation is a cinch.

Well for you, outside under the stars isn’t a fantastic beginning! If it rains, the panel components are not equipped to stop the rain from coming indoors. So, begin by deciding why you’re opting for a bolt collectively unit, then look for secure places one could easily be installed. It can be a closet, a basement, a garage, or anyplace there is a roof or awning. Along with a cement base to bolt the unit. The cement base is not an alternative, but a necessity! Watch the images posted below on the bottom left and right

Wherever you decide to place your bolt together secure space, the flexibility that comes with owning one is surpassed with the reassurance. Having a safe place to go when a tornado is on the loose is priceless. We would like to be your storm shelter provider, whether you choose a bolt-together, welded, above or underground unit. Our shelters can meet your requirements.


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