Berry Smoothie Recipe For Great Taste

Smoothies are great to keep the body hydrated and fit. You can get all the required nutrients and other essential vitamins with a good smoothie. Usually, it is seen that in our routine life we hardly get time to eat as per a balanced diet. You can take the help of smoothie and stay fill for a long period of time.

In addition to this, they will also give you many health benefits like the good digestive system and strong immunity. You should always keep one thing in mind that smoothies are to be served fresh and they are not for storing. Thus you should serve them immediately when you are done with the processing in a smoothie maker.

One problem which is commonly faced by everyone is confused about the quantity and various ingredients. There is no doubt that you can include a wide range of fruits and vegetable in a smoothie but it is very important to know that which ingredient is suitable and give you perfect taste and texture. For this, you should always take the reference to a smoothie recipe. Here we are telling you about a very interesting smoothie recipe by which you can prepare smoothie for every age group with perfect taste without losing its benefits for health.

What will you need?

–    One cup of fresh or frozen berries, here you can take different types of berries like strawberries, raspberries, blueberries

–    One cup of low-fat yogurt

–    Two small banana

–    Half cup crushed of ice

Procedure to create

Some people prepare smoothies with a normal blender or use juicer for this. But they can hardly provide you the desired taste and texture of the smoothie. This is so because they don’t have specially designed blades, jars, and a big motor to create such force. So you should use the smoothie maker to prepare this, the process of creating this recipe is also very easy. Just put everything in the smoothie maker and blend it for few minutes until everything is blended well.

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