All About Online Notary Service

Simply put, electronic notary or e-notary is when a notary public notarized documents electronically, via the internet. No paper is signed or printed physically: everything is done using e-notary digital stamps, electronic notary seals, or other types of electronic signatures via the internet.

Electronic notary stamps are digital versions of notary stamps used on paper documents, with related data confirming notary names, jurisdictions, and commission expiration dates.

The signature of an electronic notary is unique, which can be verified independently by the e-notary handwritten signature attached to the document so that the document cannot be changed.

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Sometimes, a unique identification number, which is only known by the notary concerned and the Commonwealth Secretary, is also used.

The new electronic notary system is still being tested and implemented, and the process can be improved.

E-notarization must result in substantial time and money saved for notaries and their clients. Using electronic notaries can, for example, allow clients who need certain documents, such as bills or bids, to be presented as soon as possible, to present themselves before an electronic notary.

Ideally, e-notaries must streamline the notary process, significantly reduce processing time, eliminate signing and redundancy errors, improve compliance, and reduce shipping costs. Efficiency must be greatly improved, and thus improve customer service provided by a notary.


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