4 Tips To Ride A Tuk Tuk In Bangkok

Tuk-tuk is a three-wheeled ride which is also called a "Sam lor". It is considered one of the best ways of travelling within bigger cities of Thailand like Bangkok, Pattaya, Chiang Mai and Pai. This ride is transformed from the old-fashioned vehicle called "Rickshaw", which was introduced in World War 2. Now tuk-tuk has become the main source of transportation in Bangkok, especially by tourists. The main benefit of selecting a tuk-tuk for travelling is that you can easily visit the old city and congested areas.

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The following are a few things you need to keep in mind when opting to commute on a tuk-tuk:

  1. Fare of tuk-tuk depends on the amount of distance you travel, type of traffic, time and most importantly what the driver charges. For a short trip, it usually costs around 30 to 40 Baht per ride.
  2. When you hire a tuk-tuk you should always negotiate the price quoted by the driver. It is advisable to negotiate from 5 to 15 Baht depending on the price proposed by the driver. 
  3. If you are hiring a tuk-tuk in a tourist area you should be aware that drivers often boast about having knowledge about secret shopping markets. Some of the drivers also offer help to get to specific areas or provide a sightseeing tour. It is preferable to avoid this kind of scam by politely declining them. The same rule applies to taxis and other rental transport systems. 
  4. Tuk-tuk is considered perfect for short trips as it can get you to destinations in lesser time. 

Moreover, you can get a travel app from Thai app store to order tuk-tuk or another type of rental transport.

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